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A2 Smart Milk is 100% natural low-allergenic milk

Regular cow's milk contains two types of protein: A1 and A2. The A1 protein is often the cause of milk intolerance, problems in the gastrointestinal tract and causes the risk of cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.

A2 Smart Milk naturally does not contain A1 protein, because we use genetic tests to select cows that only produce milk with A2 protein type.

Price for a fair volume! Buy exactly one liter of Smart Milk - and not one milliliter less.

Volume:1 l
Six cartons of A2 Milk in one box Delivered in convenient boxes Six cartons of A2 Milk in one box

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2 boxes ( 12 l)
per 1 l
in 1 box, 6 packs of milk (in 1 box, 6 packs of milk)
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is A2 milk?
What is smart A2 milk? Usual milk contains two types of β-casein proteins – A1 and A2. A1 protein is often a reason for milk intolerance; it can intensify inflammatory processes and be the source of discomfort in stomach and intestine. Our smart milk does not contain A1 protein. We base on genetic tests to select cows for manufacture, so our milk contains only A2 protein. You can drink smart milk without any concerns.
Why milk is considered a healthy product? What useful elements taking part in vital processes in the human body are contained in milk?
Milk is a healthy and nutritious product that takes part in the building of our body from the very first days. Proteins containing in milk construct our body like bricks. In cow milk there can be two varieties of β-casein protein, which has a range of benefits and helps in building up muscles. They are A1 and A2 proteins. Researchers from all around the world found out that A1 protein is often a reason for inflammatory processes and other disagreeable sensations.
What is A2 milk? What is the difference between this type of milk and usual milk? Why may its drinking be better?
Since there is no A1 protein in A2 milk, it is easier to digest; it lowers the risk of inflammatory processes and is often suitable even for those who suffer from milk intolerance.
How is A2 milk produced? Do any harmful modifications take part in A2 milk manufacture? Can A2 milk production be considered more eco-friendly?
How do we take A1 protein out of milk? We do not do it! We just select cows that naturally give milk without this type of protein. And we make all our products only of their milk.
Why is A2 milk better than usual milk? What benefits and useful properties does this milk have? What are the risks of drinking usual milk?

A2 milk protects the body from inside. It helps to reinforce the immunity and recuperate. This milk is more nutritious for children.

Many people suffering from milk intolerance believe that it is caused by lactose. While in most of the cases discomfort in the GI tract is caused by A1 protein, which is part of usual milk. That is why A2 milk can help to get rid of unpleasant consequences of usual milk.

Frequent drinking of usual milk may increase the risk of cardiovascular, autoimmune diseases and 1 type diabetes among children.

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