How to replace goat milk if you suffer from intolerance?

What is the secret of goat milk good? Is it necessary to refuse cow milk?

Doctors often suggest people who cannot drink usual milk trying goat milk. Why is it so good? First of all, let us find out what is the difference between goat milk and cow milk. They are similar in contents of mineral substances, but there are some differences. Goat milk contains 13% more calcium, 47% more vitamin A and 134% more potassium. While cow milk contains 5 times more vitamin B12 and 10 times more folic acid. Due to the last fact cow milk is more suitable for producing breast milk substitutes and child nutrition. Many companies that produce child nutrition based on goat milk enrich it with folic acid.

The difference in lactose content between goat and cow milk is insignificant: 4.1% to 4.7% respectfully. How then people with lactose intolerance can often drink goat milk? The reason for intolerance is in other elements of milk.

The structure of fats in goat milk differs from the fats of whole cow milk. The average fat content of cow milk is 3,5%, of goat milk – 4,4%. Furthermore, goat milk is characterized with high content of polyunsaturated finely dispersed fats (around 69%). These fats can be broken into extremely small parts; this eases and speeds up their digestion. However, due to a bigger fat content and almost 100% fat absorption, those who keep a diet should be careful with goat milk.

Another important factor that makes goat milk different from cow milk is the absence of A1 protein. It is this protein that in most of the cases is the true reason for milk intolerance and inflammatory processes in the GI tract. However, not only goat milk is A2. Many other animals’ milk – for example buffalo and sheep – does not contain A1 protein either. At first cow milk did not contain this protein as well, but about 8000 years ago A1 appeared in cow milk as a result of genetic changes. Today cows that give clean A2 milk can still be found. But there are not many left; in Russia, for example, it is about 15-20% of the herd.

In 2017, a clinical trial with 600 participants suffering from milk intolerance symptoms took place in China. They believed that the reason was lactose intolerance, but it turned out that in most of the cases the discomfort was caused by A1 protein. The participants felt better after drinking A2 cow milk – it eased acute gastrointestinal symptoms of intolerance, while usual milk lowered the activity of lactase and strengthened these symptoms (comparing to A2). Many experts agree that goat milk is better digested for the same reason – the absence of A1 protein.

The taste of goat milk is another important point. Strong peculiar smell and taste may appear for different reasons – genetic factors, different illnesses, malnutrition or bad environmental conditions for animals. If health and nutrition regulations are strictly observed, the milk will just slightly differ from cow milk. Another question is combination with other products. Some goat milk lovers note that even a slight salty aftertaste becomes stronger in combination with hot drinks. So those who like goat milk often cannot drink it with coffee.

If you do not like the taste of goat milk, but look for a healthy alternative for usual milk – try A2 cow milk. This milk does not contain A1 protein either, so it lowers the risk of inflammatory processes and often helps to completely get rid of intolerance problem. Moreover, A2 is completely natural milk with a familiar and neutral taste.

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